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As of July 2016 we have ended our partnership with the “Children of the Sun” trust in India. Please contact Bob Loonen in case of any queries.

Our foundation’s goal has been, since the outset in 2004, to provide safe housing and education to underprivileged girls. Our goal has not changed since our relationship with the “Children of the Sun” trust ended. Nevertheless, since 1st of July 2016 we are no longer providing financial support for the children’s home, which has now ended its activities. The girls have returned to their families. We are currently investigating other possible ways in which we can support the girls with regards to the provision of safe housing and education.

 Help a girl like Deepa

Deepa lost both her parents within a short space of time while she was very young. After their deaths, Deepa lived on the streets because there was no money to pay the rent for the house where she had lived with her parents. In India there is no public safety net for children like Deepa.
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 Why do I work with the Sun Child Nederland foundation?

Erik de Looff (Treasurer): During my visit to the children’s home, I have seen how our financial aid produced such simple results: a mat to not have to sleep on the floor, a stove so that healthy food can be cooked on gas instead of over an open wood fire, repairing the roof…

Agnes Razenberg (Secretary): I am a teacher and I feel very involved in the welfare of children, both in our country and elsewhere in the world. more

 All the money directly to the right place

To ensure that all the money goes directly to the right place our foundation works on a completely voluntary basis. With the money that we receive from donors, we can give the girls who previously stayed at the children’s home the change of finishing their education. more

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